Sleep like a Pampered Princess with Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

zen bamboo luxury bamboo bed sheets

Want some zen in your life and in your sheets?

Bamboo bed sheets are all the rage these days. They are very comfortable, naturally breathable and don’t bother people who have allergies. Compared to regular sheets made from synthetic materials, they won’t make you feel like you’re sleeping in an oven. If you have sensitive skin and don’t mind shelling out a little extra, they make for great replacements for ordinary sheets.

The Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets are very popular with customers. They’re very affordable, comfortable and long-lasting. Are they right sheets for you, though? Read our review to find out:

Product Overview


Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King


40% Rayon from Bamboo and 60% microfiber


30-day Money Back Guarantee


White, Cream, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Gold, Taupe, Grey, Brown, Navy Blue, Olive, Purple, and Black.

What to Think About Before You Buy New Bamboo Sheets

Good bed sheets need to be soft and comfortable. They should wash well, without too much pilling, and last for a reasonable amount of time. It’s always a bonus if they look good and match the décor of your room. How do the Zen Bamboo sheets measure up? Let’s find out:


The Zen Bamboo sheets are made from a blend of 40% Rayon from bamboo and 60% microfiber. Rayon becomes very soft and supple when mixed with microfiber. Bamboo is naturally mold and bacteria resistant. It’s also hypoallergenic. The blend is softer than luxury Egyptian cotton. It’s also somewhat delicate, though long-lasting. How eco-friendly are these sheets? Rayon is made by mashing up bamboo fibers and then pouring a chemical into them. These sheets aren’t as eco-friendly as they could be – but they’re probably better than most other sheets on the market.


These sheets will keep you warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s warm (they promote natural air ventilation). If you keep throwing your sheets off at night because it’s too warm, you won’t have that problem with these. They won’t chafe against your skin – many think bamboo sheets are more comfortable than luxury Egyptian cotton ones. Ordinary sheets tend to collect dust mites and bacteria after extended use. The bamboo fibers comprising these sheets naturally resist that, though, so they are good for your health.


These sheets will last you for a while, there’s no doubt about that – provided you follow the care instructions properly. Bamboo sheets tend to be delicate. Hot water and rough cycles in the washer can damage them. On the other hand, if you take care of them, they are pretty durable. Stains on them aren’t too hard to remove. You won’t have to wash them as often as regular sheets too. A common problem observed with sheets is pilling (small knots of threads forming all over the sheets’ surface). These sheets are available in a large number of colors, so they should go well with all kinds of styles. They are also large and so will fit the deepest of mattresses (up to 18 inches, depending on the size you buy). Previous customers have commented that their sheets were larger than expected (which is a good thing).


· Very affordable for bamboo luxury sheets

· Available in a bunch of attractive colors

· Hypoallergenic, stain resistant, fade resistant, dust mite resistant and wrinkle resistant

· Will fit deep mattresses

· 30-day full refund possible


· Pilling can be a problem

· They are delicate, need care

Zen Bamboo Luxury Sheets vs. Closest Competitors

bamboo sheets mandarin

How do these sheets compare with sheets from competitors (like King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets by Royal Hotel and Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha)? They are cheaper than most of the other bamboo sheets on the market. They are available in a plethora of colors, which is rare for bamboo sheets. We give these sheets top marks on style and affordability. However, these sheets aren’t as durable as some other sheets out there. If you’re looking for ultra-quality bed sheets like the kind found in 5-star resorts, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Are they a good purchase?

If you’re looking for luxury bamboo bed sheets that are light on your wallet, you can’t do much better than the Zen sheets. The sheets are well-made, will last you a while and will help you sleep like a log. They happen to be Amazon’s Choice and are very popular with previous customers (most of whom are very happy with their purchase). However, pilling can be a problem with these sheets. If you take good care of them, though, you won’t regret this purchase.