Swiss Ortho 8 inch High-Density Foam Memory Mattress: Swiss-Made Solace

swiss ortho memory foam mattress with bamboo

We live in an era where they sell plywood sheets for upwards of $500. It’s hard to find a good mattress that’s both affordable and comfortable. The Swiss Ortho 8-inch High-Density Foam Memory Mattress is one of the most pocket-friendly, comfortable mattresses around (according to numerous verified purchasers). It’s a bamboo mattress – memory foam layers wrapped in a bamboo cover – and is a significant step up over ordinary box-spring mattresses.

If this is your first time buying a bamboo mattress, you should know that they’re not really made from bamboo. Most of the “bamboo” mattresses feature a bamboo topping/cover and are made from layers of foam, latex, wool and other material. In this review, we’re going to explore the top features of the Swiss Ortho 8-Inch High Density 3 x Layered Memory Foam Mattress:

Product Overview


2-inch Memory Foam, 2-inch Comfort Foam, 4-inch High-Density Foam and Removable Bamboo Cover


Twin, Full, Queen and King (Only Twin and Queen available at the time of this review)


10-Year Warranty

What to Search For When Buying A New Mattress

best bamboo mattress

When buying a new mattress, you should look for one that provides a decent amount of support to your back and neck. Soft mattresses seem comfortable in the beginning, but they don’t really provide you with a good night’s sleep. A balance between softness and firmness is the way to go. Look for a mattress that is reasonably priced, has great reviews, has a reasonably long warranty and fits your bed-type. Here is an in-depth look into the Swiss Ortho 8-inch Mattress:


The mattress is 8-inch deep and comprised of 3 layers: a 4-inch support layer at the bottom, a 2-inch comfort layer, and a 2-inch memory foam layer. The support layer is responsible for providing firmness; the comfort layer contains a cooling gel that regulates temperature and keeps the mattress cool, and the top-most layer is responsible for conforming to your body and keeping you comfortable. The cover is made from bamboo. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, naturally cool and has moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties.


This mattress is on the firmer side – which could be a good thing, depending on your preferences. You can’t customize this mattress, but you could buy a separate topping and use it on top if you want it softer. The memory foam does its job well and supports your body when you sleep. The breathable bamboo fabric and ventilation work – but perhaps not as well as expected as this mattress tends to be on the warmer side. The bamboo cover feels good against your skin. The fact that it’s removable is a nice touch. The mattress doesn’t smell, except initially. The smell will go away if you air it out for a bit.


Like other mattresses, this mattress will come to you rolled up. Unpacking it is easy, but it will take a while for it to expand to its true size (usually two days). This mattress will fit all bed types and sizes. Some people prefer to place it directly on the floor. The maker offers a 10-year warranty along with the purchase, which tells us that the mattress has an above-average lifespan. One problem customers have noted is that the mattress is a little too firm for their tastes. Overall, this mattress provides good usability.


· Conforms to your body shape

· Slow recovery technology for added comfort

· Removable bamboo cover

· 10-Year warranty

· Made in Switzerland

· Affordable price


· A little on the firmer side

· Smelly in the beginning (needs to be aired out)

The Swiss Ortho 8-Inch High-Density Mattress vs. Other Popular Brands

How well does the Swiss Ortho 8-Inch High-Density Mattress fare when we compare it to other popular brands? It is much cheaper than most bamboo mattresses on the market for one. It doesn’t smell like some mattresses are prone to do. The build quality is decent, and its lifespan is above average. A problem (for some) is that this mattress is a little too firm. If you like to sink into your mattresses, you might want to try a different one – like the LUCID 16-inch Bamboo Mattress or the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress that Breathes.

Is it a Worthwhile Purchase?

At the asking price, we think the Swiss Ortho 8-inch Mattress is a steal. The build quality is high, and the mattress should last for a while. It fits on all bed types and even on the floor. Combine all that with the 10-year warranty, and it becomes one of the best bamboo mattresses around.