Quality Meets Affordability: LINENSPA Super Soft Bed Sheets

linenspa bamboo bed sheets

Your bed sheets affect the quality of sleep more than you think. Some microfiber and cotton blends can chafe against your skin and trap body heat excessively, keeping you uncomfortable all night long. Others gather dust-mites and even mold, which isn’t good for your allergies (and health). The human body naturally cools down when sleeping – breathable bed sheets that keep you cool support this function.

If you’re considering buying new sheets, you can’t go wrong buying sheets made from bamboo. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, mold and dust-mite resistant. Its fibers are naturally breathable and provide excellent temperature control. The Super Soft Rayon from Bamboo Bed Sheet Set from LINENSPA is amongst the most popular sheets on the market. We’ll take an in-depth look at these top-rated sheets so you can decide if they are for you:

Product Overview


Rayon from Bamboo


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Split Queen, Split King, and Split California King


White, Grey, Khaki, Lemon-Lime, and Off-White

bamboo sheets

Good bed sheets should feel nice against your skin and not get too warm at night (that’s a tendency with microfiber sheets). They should wash well and last a long time too. It’s always a bonus when they are available in a variety of colors and sizes. How good are the sheets from LINENSPA? Let’s find out:


The LINENSPA Super Soft Bed Sheets are made of Rayon from Bamboo. Rayon fiber is obtained when bamboo fibers are processed with some chemicals. Rayon is known to be very soft, tough and durable. It also retains the properties that make bamboo so special: the hypoallergenic nature and natural breathability. The material is known to be moisture-wicking, which means these sheets won’t stain easily. They will retain their looks for a long time, even if you wash them often. Shrinking can be a problem, though – expect them to shrink a significant amount after several months.


These sheets are very soft and much more comfortable than regular cotton sheets. They won’t get excessively warm at night. If you toss and turn a lot and keep throwing off your sheets and pulling them back on when you get hot/cold, these sheets will rid you of that problem. If you live somewhere where it’s warm throughout the year, you’ll really love owning these cool (literally) sheets. These sheets will help you avoid breathing problems and resist dust mite growth.


These sheets will fit well on deep mattresses. However, the size selection the manufacturer offers is somewhat limited (there are no regular King and Queen Size Sheets; you could make do with a bigger size though). The color selection is also limited (the available colors are pretty attractive, though). Being 100% Rayon, these sheets will wrinkle with use and will need to be ironed once in a while. You need to wash them on a gentle cycle and dry them out naturally if you want to avoid tears and pilling.


· Affordable price

· Good quality

· Breathable, hypoallergenic fabric

· Generous proportions


· Limited size and color options

· Need to be used and washed with care

· No replacement warranty or guarantee      available

LINENSPA Super Soft Sheets vs. Popular Competitors

bamboo sheets

How do the LINENPSA sheets compare with closest competitors? They are much more affordable than the majority of their competitors – the Luxury bamboo sheets by Cariloha are more than twice as expensive, for example. They are of decent quality, overall, and don’t suffer from the pilling problems that some of their competitors have. However, the manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty or replacement guarantee. You can’t try these sheets out (sleep trial) and ask the company for a refund, so that’s a definite drawback. The size selection is somewhat limited and won’t fit all mattress types perfectly. The color selection is limited. You could do much worse than these sheets, though.

Do They Make a Good Purchase?

Are these LINENSPA sheets a smart purchase? It depends on your budget and personal preferences. If you’re looking for quality sheets at an affordable price, these sheets are a good choice – they are comfortable, breathable, and will last you for a good long while. The only real drawback with buying these sheets is the lack of warranty, so there’s no sleep trial. On the other hand, customers regularly leave positive reviews about these sheets, so it’s unlikely you’ll need the replacement warranty. All in all, they are a decent buy at the asking price.