King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets: Softer than Cotton

King Sea Bamboo Sheets

You spend almost half of your life asleep. It makes sense that you make the experience as comfortable as possible. Bamboo bed sheets are much softer and satin-like than ordinary cotton (or microfiber) sheets. They are hypoallergenic, don’t stain easily, and can provide you with a wonderful night’s sleep.

The King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets set from Royal Hotel is a best-seller online. Many customers swear by these sheets, saying they’re the best they’ve ever owned. Are they truly that good and should you buy them? We’ll be taking a closer look at these sheets in our review to help you decide:

Product Overview


Twin XL, Full, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, California King, Split-King, and Split-CalKing


100% Rayon from Bamboo sheets


White, Ivory, Sage, Blue, Sea, Gold, Royal Blue, Periwinkle, Red, White, Grey, Taupe, Linen, Teal, and Coral

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Bamboo Sheets

What do you need from your bed sheets? They should, perhaps most importantly, be comfortable. They should fit your mattress well and go with the style of your room. Affordability, longevity, and usability are also important considerations. Let’s see how the King Sea Bamboo bed sheets do when we consider these criterions:


Unlike many other bamboo sheets on the market – which are microfiber blends - the King Sea Bamboo sheets are made from 100% rayon. This composition gives them an unparalleled silky-soft nature, making you feel as if you were sleeping on a cloud. Bamboo is known to be significantly softer than cotton sheets, even if those sheets have high thread counts. The King Sea Bamboo sheets are softer than ultra-luxury cotton sheets (they have a thread count of 300).


These sheets will probably be the softest you’ve ever owned. Microfiber, cotton, and other materials simply can’t compare to bamboo rayon. These sheets are cool and stay that way throughout the night. If you hate sheets that get warm or you live in a hot environment, these could well be a lifesaver. If you have a chemical sensitivity or dust allergies, you’ll love these sheets – they are naturally hypoallergenic and dust-resistant. They also don’t give off a chemical smell, like some sheets are known to do.


Being made from 100% Rayon from bamboo, you will have to take care of these sheets. They are delicate and can’t tolerate regular wash cycles, strong detergents, and warming cycles. However, if you follow the care instructions, these sheets will last you a long time.

There bamboo bed sheets are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so they should fit your mattress type perfectly. They are known to wrinkle. If you don’t like wrinkle and think ironing sheets is a bother, you might be better off buying bamboo blends or regular microfiber sheets. These sheets will also shrink after you wash them (it’s noticeable after several months of use).


· Ultra-soft, much softer than cotton

· Breathable fabric, natural temperature control

· Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant

· Available in a variety of colors and sizes

· Good longevity


· Moderately expensive (you get what you pay for)

· Care instructions need to be followed precisely

· Will shrink after every wash


King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets vs. Competitors

Royal Tradition Sheets

How do the King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets from Royal Hotel compare to other popular bamboo sheets? They are a little on the expensive side (the Bamboo sheets from Zen are much cheaper). However, in return, you get quality sheets that won’t look out of place in a 5-star hotel.

Unlike many bamboo sheet makers, Royal Hotel makes their sheets with 100% Rayon from Bamboo. This composition adds an extra-soft texture to them, which feels great against your skin. Rayon is made from pulped bamboo fiber mixed with some chemicals, so these sheets aren’t exactly eco-friendly (many bamboo sheets aren’t, despite what some manufacturers claim). That doesn’t make them bad sheets, though. They are also much lighter than many other sheets out there.

All in all, Royal Hotel manages to blow most of its competitors out of the water- but it’s all about personal preference in the end, of course.

Are they a Smart Buy?

If you’re willing to make an investment, you can’t go wrong with getting the King Sea Bamboo Bed Sheets. They are made from quality material that is made to last. These sheets don’t pill easily and will look good even after significant use. They are also significantly softer than cotton, almost ethereal. All in all, we believe they are an excellent buy.