The Hotel Comfort Pillow: Get a Good Night’s Rest

hotel comfort bamboo memory foam pillow

If you keep waking up at night to fluff out and settle your pillow, perhaps it’s time to change it. Pillows tend to lose their fluffiness after a few months, and most of them become lumpy and almost unusable after a few years. Old pillows are also known to be harmful to your health, especially if you have breathing problems. They gather bacteria and dust mites that can cause you problems when you breathe them in. If you’re looking for a pillow that gives you a good night’s rest, the pillow by Hotel Comfort might be a good option.

In this Hotel Comfort bamboo pillow review, we’ll discuss all the features that make this pillow better than many of the other pillows on the market. We’ll also compare it with a close competitor, which should help you make an informed purchase decision:

Product Overview


17 x 7 x 7 inches (length x width x thickness), King and Queen size available


3.7 lbs

Pillow case

60% Polyester and 40% Rayon from Bamboo

Filled with

100% Shredded Memory Foam

What to Look For In Your New Bamboo Pillow

hotel comfort pillow

The seller also offers a TENCEL premium pillow and a Bamboo Lumbar pillow, which have slight differences. Their original bamboo pillow remains a best-seller, however, and it’s the one we will be reviewing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pillow’s top features:


They’ve used a 60% Polyester and 40% Rayon from the bamboo mix for the encasing of the pillow. Bamboo is a natural, organic material that’s good for your skin. It’s hypoallergenic and makes it hard for dust-mites to grow inside your pillow. The material has great temperature control and will keep your head cool when the air is hot. The 100% shredded memory foam is soft and springy while providing a comfortable level of firmness for your head. Memory foam is known to have a good lifespan, though new foam can smell.


This pillow is perfect for sideway sleepers. However, it’s a little tall (7 inches thick), and people with small heads may feel uncomfortable using it. If you love sleeping on your back or your stomach, this might not be the pillow for you. Back sleepers will do better than stomach sleepers. When you first get the pillow, you’ll have to let it settle for a few hours (or even a day) so that it can expand to its full size. You may also have to air this pillow for the smell to go away. The foam is tightly packed, but if it’s too much for you, you can open it up and remove some of it.


The Hotel Comfort pillow is supposed to give the perfect balance between softness and firmness. The memory foam holds up well under pressure. It’s also springy and can be aired out if it ever loses density. The bamboo cover is soft – much softer than cotton – and almost as smooth as silk. The temperature control property it has makes this pillow very comfortable to use even if it’s hot. The bamboo fabric is supposed to be anti-bacterial and will protect against allergies. It provides excellent support for your neck and back. If you’ve been getting out of bed sore every morning because of a lumpy pillow, this pillow will solve that problem.


This pillow should last you a while. Foam, polyester and rayon are tough materials that you don’t have to baby. Hotel Comfort does not offer a manufacturer’s warranty with this at this time, though – which may or may not change in the future. The pillow can be hand washed. Just dunk it in water and then leave it out to dry. You can also remove the memory foam to get it to dry faster.


You can buy two pillows at once from Amazon, or just one at a time. The pillow comes packaged in a plastic travel/gym bag, making it a good gift for someone. The bag itself is of decent quality. The pillow is tightly stuffed inside, and you’ll have to wait for it to assume its intended size when you remove it from the bag.


· Bamboo makes it anti-bacterial, breathable and hypoallergenic

· Keeps your head cool even when it's warm

· Good for sensitive skin

· Good for side sleepers

· Balance between firmness and softness

· Will prevent a stiff neck, sore back

· Nice build quality


· May be too tall for stomach and back sleepers

· No product warranty

Hotel Comfort Pillow vs. Miracle Bamboo Pillow

hotel bamboo pillow

The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is a lot like the Hotel Comfort Pillow. It regularly features on commercials on TV. So how does the Hotel Comfort Pillow fare when compared to the Miracle Bamboo Pillow? The Hotel Comfort Pillow is much cheaper, for one. It’s also available in King Size, while the Miracle Bamboo pillow is available in just the Queen size.

The Miracle Bamboo pillow is thinner than the Hotel Comfort Pillow (at 5 inches), so it should be better for your neck – and also for more suitable for stomach and side sleepers. It’s about the same length and width. The Miracle Pillow can be firmer and harder after extended use, which isn’t a problem observed with Comfort Pillow users. The Miracle Pillow is much more flexible than the Comfort Pillow, though, and can be folded in half without too much trouble.

We believe the Hotel Comfort Pillow is the better option for most people as it is affordable, good build quality, and a long lifespan.

To Sum it up

The Hotel Comfort Pillow is an excellent buy at the asking price. You get a premium pillow that offers great comfort and strong support for your neck and back. The material is soft and skin-friendly. The pillow is very well made and doesn’t plague you with a strong chemical smell that many other pillows have. If you get this pillow, you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.