Review of the DreamFit Degree 5 Bamboo-Rich Comfort Sheet Set

dreamfit bamboo sheet set

Dreaming of a life with better sleep? Dreamfit has you covered!

Everyone needs a restful night’s sleep to function properly. It’s unfortunately common for people to go to sleep tired and wake up tired because of a lumpy mattress or uncomfortable bed sheets. If you’re one of those people who seem to sleep in an oven everyday – because of bed sheets that trap heat excessively – it might be time to upgrade to bamboo sheets. Bamboo fiber is naturally breathable and sheets made from the material have natural temperature control.

The Degree 5 Premium Bamboo-Rich Comfort Sheet Set is a best selling set of bamboo sheets. If you’re about to buy new sheets, chances are you’ll stumble on this product pretty quickly. Should you buy this set of sheets made with bamboo? Read through our review to find out:

How The Dreamfit Degree 5 Sheets Compare to the Competition

Dreamfit Degree 5 Bamboo Sheets Quick Overview


70% Rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Head Queen, Split Queen, King, California King, Split Cal King, Split Head Cal King, Split Head King, and Split King


Ecru, Blue, Pale Sage, White, Sand, Beige, Ivory


Not available

What to Think About Before Buying New Bamboo Sheets

What do you need from new bed sheets? Comfort is important, and they should not scrape against your skin. They should fit your mattress type (some people have really deep mattresses). Reasonable pricing is important, while lasting a while, and matching your existing color scheme. How do the DreamFit sheets do when measured against this yardstick?

dreamfit degree 5 bamboo sheet review


The DreamFit Degree 5 Bamboo-Rich sheets are made from 70% Rayon and 40% cotton. This makes them exceptionally soft and silky. Rayon from bamboo makes the sheets naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and mold resistant. The sheets are also odor resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal. Rayon is naturally strong and long-lasting. Expect these sheets to shrink though when you wash them. You’ll have to follow care instructions exactly; otherwise you could damage the sheets. There might be some problems with pilling after you use them for a while.


These bamboo sheets are very comfortable. The cotton and rayon blend feels good and slides easily over your skin. They are moisture-wicking sheets, so they’ll keep your body dry all night long. These sheets are also naturally breathable, so you won’t have to throw them off in the middle of the night because you’re getting too warm. There’s no funky chemical smell associated with these sheets. They won’t bother people with allergies either. All in all, these sheets will significantly improve your quality of sleep.


There are sheets out there that simply slide off your mattress if you toss and turn too much – but the DreamFit sheets are not amongst them. These sheets use a patented Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On corner strap design that secures them against your mattress. The manufacturer claims these sheets will fit mattresses of any and all sizes. However, in reality, some customers seem to be having trouble with getting their sheets to fit. These sheets are of good quality and will wash well.


· Patented “Guaranteed to Fit” design

· Comfortable Rayon-cotton blend

· Moisture-wicking, breathable, hypoallergenic fabric

One year warranty

Tons of Size Options


· Some customers report the sheets get too hot

Dream Fit Degree 5 Premium Bamboo-Rich Comfort Sheet Set vs. Competitors

dreamfit bamboo sheets

How do the DreamFit sheets hold up when we compare them to competitors? They are a little on the expensive end – over twice as expensive as the King Sea Bamboo sheets sold by Royal Hotel. The material quality is comparable to premium bamboo sheets (like Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha) being sold by other popular brands – compared to some brands, they are much easier to launder and don’t pill easily. The strap design that keeps the sheets secure against mattresses is unique and very useful. Unlike sheets from other brands, these sheets won’t slide off your bed at all.

Should Your Purchase These Sheets?

DreamFit has always had a loyal fan base because their products are of such good quality. If you’ve never owned a DreamFit sheet, know that the new design is even better than the previous one. The manufacturer does offer a one year warranty against defects which gives your 365 days of worry free use. If you’re willing to take the plunge, we believe it’s a worthwhile purchase (as long as you take care to buy from a genuine seller).