Customise Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover: Easy to Store and Transport

customize bamboo memory foam mattress

If you own a regular mattress – regardless of the size – you know how hard they can be to move and transport. They need a lot of space, even when you’re not actively using them.

The Customize Bed Mattress Memory Foam with Bamboo Cover mattress is unique in that it is lightweight, easy to roll up and transport. It also comes with a bamboo cover, which gives you all sorts of health benefits.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Customize Bed Mattress and take a look at its best features. We’ll also compare it with some popular competitors, so you’ll be able to tell if the mattress is value for money:

Overview of the Customise Mattress Made With Bamboo


5 Year Warranty


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, COT30 (30 x 74 inches), COT 33 (33 x 74 inches) and COT 36 (36 x 74 inches)


10 inches gel-infused memory foam (firm bottom layer and soft topping, customizable)

What to Look For Before You Buy A Bamboo Mattress

When you buy a mattress, what should you look for? You want your new mattress to provide adequate support for your back and neck. It should support your sleeping style, no matter if you are a back or side sleeper. It should be made from durable material, something that will last for a while. Finally, it should fit your budget as well as your bed type. How does the Customize Bed Mattress fare when we consider its makeup, durability, and longevity? Let’s find out:


The mattress is made from a couple of memory foam layers. The bottom layer is firm, and the bed topping is soft. The company is called Customize Bed – you can call them, and they will customize the bed’s composition for you. You can get it softer or firmer, according to your preferences.

They use a patented gel for the bedding. The gel is antibacterial, breathable and dust-mite resistant. The mattress has a comfortable bamboo cover which provides great temperature control and feels smooth against your skin.


The Customize Bed Mattress is very comfortable if a bit soft. Some people prefer a firmer design, but you can always call them and customize the bed’s firmness. The bamboo cover is breathable and feels great against your skin – so much so that you won’t even need to use a bed sheet. 

This gel-infused memory foam will resist dust mites and won’t cause you breathing problems. The bamboo cover is moisture-wicking and will keep you cool and dry. All in all, this is one of the most comfortable mattresses around –, especially at the price point.


The Customize Bed Mattress gets top marks for convenience and usability. You can get it in all kinds of sizes, and it will fit almost all bed types. The mattress is super light and easy to fold up and put away somewhere. You can put it on a spring box frame and get an excellent luxury bed. You can even use it as an outdoors bed; just put it on hard ground, and it will still work. The build quality is solid, as is the stitching. Customers have found the mattress to stay usable for years. The manufacturer offers a 5 Year Warranty, so you can expect this mattress to last.


· Exceptional build quality

· Easy to roll-up and store

· Antibacterial, antifungal layer

· Can be used outdoors on the floor

· Available in multiple sizes

· Firmness and layers can be customized

· Affordable price

· 5 Year Warranty


· Slightly on the softer side (which can be a problem for some)

customize bamboo memory foam mattress review

Customize Bed Mattress vs. Other Brands

How does the Customize Bed Mattress compare to other top bamboo mattresses? It’s much, much cheaper than some brands (like LUCID and Snuggle-Pedic) but provides a comparable level of comfort. The 5-year Warranty is pretty decent, especially for the asking price. The company has a good reputation and is known to be prompt with deliveries/responses. The mattress can be customized and bought in a plethora of sizes. It’s also very convenient to move and store (which makes it perfect for travelers or people who own RVs).

Is it a Good Purchase?

The Customize Bed Mattress gets top marks on build quality, customer service, longevity, and mobility. It’s one of the best mattresses around, and it won’t cause you to break the bank either. The only drawback we’ve observed is that it’s a little on the softer side, but you can rectify that by customizing it to suit your preferences.