Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress: Total Relaxation at a Knockout Price

cr sleep bamboo memory foam mattress

Is the CR Mattress any good?

Bamboo mattresses are more popular than ever. They are soft, comfortable, and – most importantly – antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They usually compose of memory foam, latex, and other layers with a bamboo charcoal layer or cover at the very top. While there are a lot of quality bamboo mattresses on the market, the Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress stands out on account of its exceptional design and accessible pricing.

In this review, we’ll examine the top features of the Cr Memory Foam Mattress to help you decide if it’s worth your time. We’ll also compare it to some other popular mattress brands to show you how it differs from them:

Features of The CR Sleep Bamboo Mattress


20-Year Warranty


Twin, Queen, and King


6.5 inches Polyurethane foam, 2 inches Ventilated Foam, 1.5 inches Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam, Bamboo cover (with inner fiberglass lining)

Consideriations in Buying a New Bamboo Mattress

What should you look for when buying a new mattress? It needs to have a reasonable level of firmness, and it shouldn’t sag. It needs to be made from materials that conduct heat from your body properly (otherwise you’ll end up sweaty). An affordable price and a warranty that covers manufacturing defects are always welcome. If you compare the CR Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress against all these factors, how well does it fare? Let’s find out:


The mattress is made up of 4 layers stacked on top of each other and enclosed in a bamboo cover. The bottom 6.5-inch Polyurethane layer is high-density and provides firm support for the other layers. The 2-inch Ventilated Foam is filled with Gel and designed to allow free flow of air, which helps keep your body cool.

The 1.5-inch Bamboo Charcoal layer in this mattress is impressive. It can absorb gas (yes, that gas) and take away bad odors and is temperature regulating. The cover is made out of soft bamboo on the outside (a Poly-Jacquard fabric) and is lined with a flame-retardant Fiberglass cloth on the inside.


This mattress provides solid comfort all night long. It provides decent pushback and adequately supports your back and neck. The gel-infused layer and the bamboo cover make this mattress very breathable; you’ll stay warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. The top bamboo layer and the cover are moisture-wicking, dirt-resistant and hypoallergenic. For people who are especially sensitive to smells or have allergies won’t be bothered by this mattress.

If you toss and turn a lot and bother your partner, the memory foam gel layer will absorb the disturbance. The memory foam also conforms to your body and distributes your weight evenly, which relieves the pressure on your shoulder and neck (if you are a side sleeper).


At the moment, the CR Memory Foam Mattress isn’t available in all standard sizes. If you own a Twin, Queen or King-sized frame, though, you’ll be able to use it. You can also put this mattress on the floor directly.

Like other mattresses, this mattress will come rolled up and needs about 48 hours to get rise back up to its original size. The mattress does have an odor, but it goes away after a while. The manufacturer offers a solid 20-year warranty with the purchase. The build quality is superior, and this mattress will remain usable for many years. The fire-resistant lining is a nice touch.


· Deep and soft, very comfortable

· Excellent temperature control, humidity control, odor neutralization

· Soft, dust-mite resistant, Hypoallergenic cover

· CertiPUR-US Certified

· Very reasonable price

· 20-Year Warranty


· Smells; needs airing out

Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress vs. Top Competitors

How does the Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress hold up against popular mattresses in the market? It matches other premium-grade mattresses (like the LUCID 16-inch Memory Foam Mattress and the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Mattress) for quality. It’s much less expensive too, making it a steal.

Unlike some “bamboo” mattresses that only use bamboo for the cover (like the Best Price 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress), this mattress actually has a bamboo charcoal layer as well as a bamboo cover. The 20-year warranty from the manufacturer makes it a very attractive purchase overall.

The Verdict

Should you buy the Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress? The mattress has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. It’s as good as premium-quality bamboo mattresses but is available at a significantly lower price. All things considered, we think it’s an excellent purchase.