The Guide to Finding Super Soft Organic Bamboo Towels

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Is your day better with super soft towels? We think so too, that's why we wrote this whole guide on the bamboo towels!

Not a lot of us give thought to the towels we use. They are just there, available when we need them. Towels, even when you wash them often, can also be a hotbed for bacteria. According to research conducted by the University of Arizona, the most germ-infested objects in your house are actually your towels –and not your toilet seats – because they retain moisture for so long!

While most towels are made from cotton, brushed micro fiber, and other blends, some are made from bamboo and other natural organic materials. Bamboo is breathable, soft, and good for your health. If you think you need new towels made with bamboo fibers, we’ve created a list of the best bamboo towels around:

10 Best Bamboo Towels of 2018 Are...

The 5 Best Bamboo Towels of 2018

Superior Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton Sheets from Blue Nile Mills 

blue nile mills bamboo towel

The Superior Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton Set by Blue Nile Mills are the best bamboo towels on the market, in our opinion. Not only are these towels very well made, but they are also very reasonably priced for a set of 6 bath towels, face towels, and hand towels. You can get them in attractive colors like Salmon, Spring Green, Aster Blue, Crimson, and Silver.

These towels are 40% Rayon from bamboo, and 60% combed cotton blend. The blending makes the material tough while keeping it soft. They have a GSM of 650, which is pretty high. Bamboo naturally absorbs a lot more water than cotton and is also quicker to wick moisture away. These towels will be very comfortable to use, dry quickly, and the color won’t fade with time.

Unlike some bath towels, these towels won’t leave fabrics on your body when you’re done using them. They are easy to care for, although they aren't the thickest towels around (they aren't thin either). Customer reviews for them have been highly positive, though some include complaints about the dye coming off in the wash (which shouldn’t be a problem if you buy a lighter shade).

Bamboo Bath Sheet by Cariloha 

cariloha bamboo bath towel

Cariloha is a well-known brand that makes excellent home products, including bed sheets, mattresses and towels. Their Bamboo Bath Sheet set includes a single towel with dimensions of 40 inches x 70 inches – which is really big. Cariloha towels are a little pricey, but they are amongst the best bamboo towels out there - especially if you’re looking for a single towel as opposed to a set. You can buy them in eye-catching colors like White, Graphite, Beachwood, Blue Lagoon, Caribbean Mist, and Tahitian Breeze.

The towels are a 50% Viscose from Bamboo and 50% Turkish combed cotton blend. They are very soft and customers report that they soak up moisture from their bodies without having to rub at all. The towels are soft and are odor-resistant. They retain all the good qualities of bamboo – like its hypoallergenic nature.

These towels are easy to care for. They dry quickly too. According to a customer bamboo towel review, snagging can be a problem; this could be a concern for some. Snagging is caused when fabric that makes up the towel is pulled or plucked out.

Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish Cotton and Bamboo Rayon Bath Towel 

chakir turkish bamboo bath towel

The Turkish Cotton and Bamboo Rayon Bath Towel is a bestseller on Amazon. It makes it to the third spot on our best bamboo towels list. These bath towels – available as a set of 4 – are very affordably priced. You can get them in vibrant shades like Wedgewood (blue), Moss (green), and Cranberry.

These towels don’t have very high bamboo content; it’s just 35%. The rest is Turkish Cotton, though, which is renowned for its softness. This blend works really and the towels feel great against your skin. A bit on the heavier side, they really soak up moisture quickly. They won’t smell and they are generously proportioned.

These towels have a lot of lint in the beginning, so you will have to wash them on a gentle cycle and then dry them. If you take care of these towels, you could conceivably use them for a few years – the quality is very good. But, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on bamboo towels, these should be near the top of your list.

Taprilt Extremely Durable Antibacterial Bamboo & Cotton

tarprilt bamboo bath towel

Taprilt is a lesser-known brand, but it makes some really great towels. The Taprilt Extremely Durable Antibacterial Bamboo & Cotton set gets 4th place on our best bamboo towels list. The set includes a single bath towel and a hand towel. They are available in only two colors: a light blue and beige.

The Terry part on the towel is 100% bamboo from rayon, while the ground part is 100% cotton. Apart from being very durable, these towels have been tested to be antimicrobial. You can use them for a long time without having to worry about bacteria buildup. They are soft, fluffy, and a joy to use. The bath towel is 56 x 28 inches, while the hand towel is 30 x 13.5 inches. 

Taprilt towels are easy to care for. These towels aren’t as thick as ordinary Turkish towels. If you live at a place with a lot of moisture – where stuff doesn’t dry easily – you’ll love these because they’re moisture-wicking. The set is light on your wallet and they will last a long time.

Ultra Soft 6 Piece Silky Bamboo Towel Set by Exquisite Bath Linens

Ultra Soft 6 Piece Silky Bamboo bamboo Towel Set

The Ultra Soft 6 Piece Silky Bamboo Towel Set by Exquisite Bath Linens gets the final spot on our list of the best towels made with bamboo. It includes 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths, and 2 bath towels. They are reasonably priced and available in several different colors, namely white, copper, ivory, sage, blue, and taupe.

The bath towels are really big at 30 x 56 inches. They are a blend of 40% Rayon from bamboo and 60% combed cotton. These towels are very smooth and silky feeling, like bamboo towels should be. They are also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The bamboo will also absorb odors.

They will soak up moisture and dry quicker than regular towels. Being a bamboo blend, they need more care than ordinary towels – but they will last longer if you care for them. They are a little expensive but well worth it, according to an unbiased bamboo towel review from a customer.

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Bamboo Towel Buying and Care Guide

Never bought a bamboo towel before? What should you look for when buying one? Here are some important considerations you need to keep in mind when looking for one:

Check the blend type

best bamboo towels

Not all bamboo towels are made from 100% bamboo. In fact, the majority of bamboo towels are a blend of one type or another. Blending a bamboo with a different fabric – like cotton or microfiber – is actually a good idea. Bamboo alone is somewhat delicate, especially during washing. Blending it with another fabric makes it tougher and easier to care for. Cotton and bamboo blends are usually softer than brushed microfiber.

Know the environmental impact 

Bamboo – despite what manufacturers claim – isn’t as eco friendly as you think. Fibers from bamboo are chemically processed to turn them into rayon or viscose. They are still a better choice than most regular fabrics, though. And they don’t harm your skin or cause breathing problems.

Follow washing instructions 

Bamboo has to be cared for properly if it’s going to last long. It tightens after the first wash and is known to shrink. The first time you wash your bamboo towel, make sure to use a gentle cycle and cold water (unless stated otherwise). Leave it out to dry naturally. Bamboo becomes softer and softer with each wash.

Read customer reviews

Always read up on customer reviews before purchasing a towel you’re interested in. Many customers leave reviews after months or years of using a product. If they’re still happy with it, even after all that time, chances are you’re making a good investment.

Most companies – unlike with bamboo bed sheets – won’t accept returns if you use your towel once, so watch out for that. Manufacturers, if you buy from reputed places like Amazon, will often accept returns if there are manufacturing defects, though.


To end our bamboo towel review, we’ll say they make for a significant step up over regular cotton towels. Not only are they more comfortable, but they are also naturally bacteria-resistant. If you take good care of them, they will stay with you for a long time.