Bamboo Pajamas to Help You Relax and Rejuvenate

Like Hot and Uncomfortable Pajamas? Neither do we, that's why we found the best bamboo pajamas to share with you!

A good night’s sleep keeps your body healthy and your mind fresh. Getting that much-needed rest, though, isn’t always easy. 

Wearing pajamas made with bamboo instead of regular ones can make a major difference to the quality of sleep you enjoy. 

Bamboo, being naturally breathable, is cooler than cotton and synthetics. It keeps your body cool and allows it to breathe at night. It’s also moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. It’s softer than luxury cotton, too!

If you’re looking for the best bamboo pajamas, our guide has you covered. We’ve found some high-quality, affordable pajamas made with natural bamboo from the best manufacturers out there. 

The 10 Best Bamboo Pajamas of 2018 are...

A Quick Look At The 5 Best-Selling and Most Comfortable Bamboo Pajamas 

Bamboo sleepwear is available in various shapes and sizes, for both men and women. You should be able to find ordinary pajamas, shorts, pants, and even lingerie made from bamboo. Most bamboo pajamas will be blended with other fabrics like cotton and spandex for added durability – it’s hard to get anything made from pure bamboo viscose.

Bamboo Pajamas Set – Sleepwear Bamboo Pajamas for Women

Women Bamboo Pajamas

The Bamboo Pajamas Set includes a pajama top and a cropped pajama pants in one of many attractive colors. You get to choose from sets in Black, Coral, Concord grape, Capri Breeze, Turquoise, and Heather Ice Blue.

The pajamas are made from 70% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Cotton, and 5% Spandex. You can get them in all kinds of sizes, from X-Small to 3X plus. If you’re unsure about the exact size, pick a smaller one (the set isn’t form-fitting).

This pajama set has a loose, free-flowing fabric. It will stay cool in summer and still be warm enough in winter, thanks to bamboo’s natural temperature regulating nature. The top has raglan sleeves, pleats, and a “raw” detail.

The bottoms have side pockets, slits, and an elastic waist with a drawstring to help it fit you better. The pajamas are feminine, extremely comfortable, and affordable – making them one of the best bamboo pajamas on the market.

Women’s Pajama Set – Long Sleeve Pajamas for Women 

Bamboo Pajamas Women Long Sleeve

The Women’s Pajama Set – Long Sleeve Pajamas for Women, as the name suggests, includes a top with long sleeves and a full-length bottom. If you’re looking for something warm, while still being breathable, for winter, these might be the best bamboo pajamas you’ll find. You can get the set in 4 beautiful colors: Black, Garnet, Amethyst, and Skydiver. The fabric makeup is 70% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex, and 25% Cotton. All standard sizes are available.

The long sleeve top includes a scalloped lace under the main bodice, which makes it look unique. Like normal pajamas, expect the top to be roomy and comfortable. The bottoms are full length and likewise comfortable. The PJs have pockets and an elasticized waist. Being made from bamboo, the whole set is extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable. While the set is a little expensive, it should last for a very long time.

Fishers Finery Men’s Pajama Pants Eco Fabric All Day Comfort Jersey Pants 

Bamboo Pajamas for men

You’ll love the Fishers Finery Men’s Pajama Pants if you’re male. The full-length PJs are soft, comfortable, and very roomy – and they look good too. The pants are made from 70% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Organic Cotton, and 5% Spandex. You can get them in Black, Navy, Charcoal Heather Gray, Light Heather Gray, and Blue. You can order them in sizes Small to XX-Large.

The PJs have extra wide legs and are meant for people who are very tall or bulky. If you have an average build, you might want to look at the shorts (we’re reviewing them next) instead. The pants have a button fly for convenience. You can cinch them tight with the help of the elastic drawstring. They’re loose pants, though, and will give your skin plenty of room. With their help, you will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Latuza Men's Pajama Bottom Shorts

Latuza Men Bamboo Pajamas

Those of you who prefer shorts over full-length trousers will like the Latuza Men’s Pajama Bottom Shorts. The knee-length shorts are made from 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex, making them satin-smooth and comfortable. They are available in all standard sizes, from Small to XX-Large, and in some nice colors: Army Green, Black, Light Gray, Gray, White, Dark Blue, and Wine Red. The shorts are long; they will reach approximately to your knee or even lower, depending on the size you buy.

The Latuza Men’s Pajama Shorts have two side pockets where you can slide in your phone and other knickknacks. The elastic waistband has a drawstring, so you can expect a comfortable fit around the waist. While these shorts are mainly designed to be worn at home, they’re sturdy enough to be used for sports too. They’re much cheaper than many full-length bamboo PJs on market while still having a high bamboo composition, making them an excellent buy. Being almost pure bamboo, you need to follow washing instructions carefully if you purchase these.

Women’s Pajama Sleep Set Bamboo Pajamas 

Women Bamboo Pajamas

Women’s Pajama Sleep Set Bamboo Pajamas includes a well-designed top and full-length bottom. Both are made from 70% Bamboo, 20% Cotton, and 5% Spandex and are available in all standard sizes.

Additionally, you can pick them in colors like Black, Peach, Mallow, Turquoise, and Carmine. This is the set to buy if you want a good-looking, comfortable pajama set at a reasonable price.

The top in the set is button-on, which you might prefer to wear during summer. You can leave some buttons open to stay cooler and close them up for added heat. The top design is no-frills and looks like a standard pajama top, while managing to remain attractive.

The pants are full-length, with a 30 inch inseam, and likewise plain. They have pockets and a drawstring to help you cinch them close. The entire set is loose and flowy, making it perfect sleepwear for when it’s hot outside. The best part about these pajamas is that the manufacturer offers a 30-day refund with them – you can always return them if you don’t like them.

5 Other Top Rated Bamboo Pajamas for Men and Women 

bSoft Women's Sleepwear Bamboo Flannel Long Sleeve Pajamas

bSoft Womens Pajamas

David Archy Men's 2 Pack Bamboo Rayon Long Pajama Pants Loungewear Sleep Bottoms

David Archy Bamboo Pajamas

Latuza Women's V-Neck Sleepwear Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Latuza Bamboo Pajamas

Pajama Heaven Women's Bamboo Jersey Tank Top with Adjustable Straps and Short Pajama Set  

Pajama Heaven Bamboo Pajamas Women

GYS Men's Bamboo Pajama Bottom Lounge Shorts

GYS Bamboo Pajamas

Buying Guide: What Should You Expect While Buying Pajamas?

There are many different kinds of bamboo pajamas out there. It can be confusing and a little daunting if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some helpful tips that can make the whole experience easier for you:


Bamboo Pajamas Women Long Sleeve

Like we mentioned earlier, you’re unlikely to find pajamas made purely from bamboo. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Combining the bamboo with other material like cotton or spandex improves its durability. It also makes it less likely to pill and shrink in the wash. Always look for pajamas that have a high bamboo composition, though, if you want them to be soft and retain their hypoallergenic/anti bacterial nature.  

Washing care

bamboo pajama care instructions

Bamboo can be very delicate and come apart easily if you don’t wash it right. Bamboo clothing needs to be washed on a delicate cycle with cold water. Never use fabric softeners or harsh detergent. Always dry bamboo clothes naturally on a clothesline. Being moisture-wicking, the fabric dries out very quickly. If you don’t follow washing care instructions (most manufacturers provide them), expect your new clothes to pill, shrink, or develop holes.


cariloha boxer

We recommend you buy from well-known brands that have a solid reputation. Some sellers attempt to pass off low-quality stock as the genuine thing. To avoid losing money, look for popular sellers with many positive reviews. Some sellers also offer 30-day refunds – buying from them is always safe. Some well-known brands include Fishers Finery, Latuza, and TexereSilk. The brands we’ve included in our top list are all reputable.


Bamboo pajamas are an excellent alternative to ordinary cotton pajamas. They are more comfortable, cooler, and often last longer. They don’t chafe against your skin and will quickly wick sweat away. Perhaps most importantly, they are eco-friendly: bamboo requires much less water to grow than cotton. While you may have to pay slightly more for them, you get extremely comfortable sleepwear in return!