Top-Rated Bamboo Longboards: Cruise down the Streets in Style

magneto bamboo longboard

Need a unique board to shred the gnar?

Bamboo longboards are extremely popular with beginners and amateurs looking for a reliable, durable skateboard. Compared to other materials, bamboo tends to be lightweight and springy. It is better able to absorb shocks and bumps without transferring them to the rider. Riders can take sharper turns without having to lean into them too much.

In our guide, we’ve included a collection of extremely well-made, durable, high-quality longboards made from bamboo. If you’re looking for a new board, you might find one you like here.

10 Best Bamboo Longboards of 2018

Best-Selling, High-Quality Longboards Made From Bamboo

Bamboo longboards are usually layered with another material like maple or fiberglass for added durability and stability. They tend to be expensive, but they last for a while too. It’s a good idea to get a bamboo longboard if you’re just starting out or you’re looking to carve and cruise at low-to-medium speeds.

The material offers a lot of give/flex, perfect for rookies who are likely to get into trouble. However, if you’re going to do some downhill skating or are going to go all out in other ways, you might want to pass them up. Bamboo tends to wobble when you go fast, making it hard for the rider to stay on.

Here are 5 amazing bamboo longboards you’re sure to like: 

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard 

Quest Longboard

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is a mix of quality, reliability, and affordability. You don’t often get boards of such high quality at pocket-friendly prices, making this a steal. This is, perhaps, the best bamboo longboard on the market if we compare the price-to-performance ratio. The board weighs about 9 pounds and is available in green, ocean blue, purple, red, and black. It measures 44 inches – it’s on the bigger side for a longboard.

When compared to most other longboards on the market, the Quest Cruiser is longer than average. It has excellent ABEC 7 bearings and 7-inch aluminum trucks which allow for a controlled riding experience. There’s a slight camber which prevents the middle of the board from sagging. Despite being a bamboo board, this one is pretty stiff – you might like that. The kick nose and tail give you added maneuverability. If you want to customize the skateboard to your liking, you’re going to need a skate tool. The deck offers excellent grip and is very sleek.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

atom drop through bamboo longboard

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is a 40-inch board with a lot going for it. The board is long, has a slight concave curve, and is clearly built for long-distance cruising. The deck is a maple-bamboo hybrid that provides it with improved maneuverability. You get about 10 inches of ground clearance on the board, which can hold over 300 pounds of weight. The board itself weighs 9 pounds and is available in a single color: a black/brown mix with nice Atom graphics.

The grip tape (Coarse 46 grit) on this board is exceptional – you won’t be falling off anytime soon. You might need to customize the wheels and trucks to your liking. The board carves well and is pretty stable at speed. Turning is a breeze. The board comes with ABEC 9 bearings, which should last for a long time. The wheels are ATOM Area 51 measuring 70mm in diameter. This board has a maximum downhill speed of about 25mph. It’s not a downhill board, though, so it’s going to shake at that speed. If you’re just planning on cruising, on the other hand, this is probably the best bamboo longboard for it – though it is somewhat expensive.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 

ten toes longboard

The Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard is a big Artisan longboard with a premium look and feel. It’s not very expensive either and performs well, making it the best bamboo longboard  for people on a budget. The board measures 44 inches – which is perfect for cruising – and comes in a variety of colors, namely Aqua Fishtail, Aqua Pipeline, Black Pipeline, Salmon Fishtail, Kelp Fishtail, and White Flora Print.

The Ten Toes Longboard is made of quality components. It has tough 70x51mm 85A PU wheels with a “rock” finish, a bamboo-maple hybrid deck, ABEC-7 bearings, and 7-inch aluminum trucks. The board is made to last, though you’ll have to maintain it and probably get new bearings every once in a while. The board has a slight flex – enough to make it easy to turn, but not enough to throw off the balance. It can hold weights of over 300 pounds. The carving is phenomenal and it moves fast too (it will lose stability after a certain speed is reached).

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising 

magneto bamboo longboard

The Magneto Longboard isn’t cheap, but it has superior quality – well worth the asking price. The high-specification longboard is one of the rare few ones with a fiberglass and bamboo deck. It measures 42 inches by 9 inches. These generous proportions make it perfect for cruising and free riding. The Bamboo Drop and Fiberglass through version of the longboard is sleek and looks very good. It has a no-frills design with the company logo embossed on it.

You get the best of components with this longboard. It has high quality wheels with ABEC 11 bearings. The 80A wheels are generously proportioned for added stability 70mmx51mm. The fiberglass deck makes this very lightweight: it’s just 7 pounds. It is very easy to maneuver and has a design suitable for kick/tail tricks. It can hold a lot of weight (over 300 pounds) and holds steady at full speed. While it’s not designed for downhill riding, it’ll do an admirable job if you want to try it. If you’re willing to pay a premium price, you can’t do much better than this board.

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

white wave longboard

The White Wave Bamboo Longboards are available in multiple styles and shapes, in an effort to cater to varying preferences. The styles are Bandit, Warrior, Cobra, Cruiser, Drifter, Fury, Missile, Pintail, Shocker, and Rocket. Depending on the style, you get boards from 36 inches to 42 inches. You need to pick one depending on how maneuverable you want the board to be and whether you want to perform tricks with it or use it mainly for cruising. The Warrior longboard is good for beginners looking for a stable longboard to learn to perform tricks on.

The Warrior measures 38 inches x 9.75 inches and includes a Canadian Maple / Bamboo drop down deck. It has 7 inch aluminum trucks (which are pretty standard) and tough 70mmx50mm Urethane wheels. The bearings are ABEC 9 Hellion. This board is expensive, but it’s well-made and will stand the test of time. It is stable, easy to handle, and makes for a decent learning board for beginners.

5 Other Exceptional Longboards You Might Like 

Sanview Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Bamboo Longboard

SOLA Bamboo Premium Graphic Design Complete Longboard Skateboard

SOLA Longboard

Playshion Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Playshion Longboard

Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop-Thru Complete Longboard Skateboard

Sector 9 Longboard

DGWBT Bamboo 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

Bamboo Longboard


Buying Guide: What to Look for When Purchasing a New Longboard?

Haven’t owned a longboard before or just need some tips on what to look for when purchasing one? Read on:


You can get longboard decks in varying widths: micro, mini, and full-size. Micro and mini (and sometimes mid-size) decks have widths of less than 7 inches, which is suitable for kids with their smaller bodies. Adults need full-size decks with widths of 8 inches or more. When buying a longboard, get a longer one (40 inches plus) if you want to cruise comfortably and a smaller one for tricks.


Wheels are one of the most important components on the board. You need strong wheels if you want a smooth, stable board. Look for wheels that are made from PU. Get bigger wheels if you want a stable ride. ABEC bearings are pretty standard and are a good choice. The trucks – the part that connects the wheels to the board – are responsible for the springiness/suspension. Look for trucks that are 8-inches or less for maximum stability. Wide trucks also help keep the whole thing stable.


Bamboo longboards are good for cruising, but they’re not meant to be high speed boards. That can change, depending on the combination material used with bamboo in the deck. Bamboo and fiberglass are excellent for high-speed cruising, for example. Bamboo and maple reduces the flexibility of the board, which is good for beginners.

We Hope You Liked Our Selection of Bamboo Longboards 

white wave longboard

No matter which board you pick, note that all longboards made from bamboo require a great deal of maintenance and care. They are also tricky to handle when it gets wet. Still, they are very steady and offer an enjoyable long-distance riding experience.