Supreme Quality Bamboo Bed Sheets by Bamboo Tranquility: A Full Review

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When it is summer, regular microfiber sheets can spell trouble. They trap too much heat and can make you feel like you’re sleeping in an oven. If you’re in the market for new sheets, sheets made from bamboo fiber are a good option. Not only are they naturally hypoallergenic, but they stay cool all night – which means you do too.

Bamboo Tranquility is a popular bamboo sheets maker that you should consider buying from if you’re looking for new sheets. Their Supreme Quality Bamboo Bed Sheets are best-sellers and are often praised for their excellent quality. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look at the various features that make these sheets so popular:

Product Overview


100% Bamboo Viscose


Queen, King, and California King


White, Ivory, and Grey


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Look For When Your Looking For The Best Bamboo Bed Sheets

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There are a lot of bamboo sheet manufacturers out there that claim to make the best bamboo sheets, but few deliver on their promises. What should you expect from bamboo sheets? They should be soft (softer than cotton) and have a reasonably high thread count (TC). They should have a reasonably high longevity, and they should wash well. They should fit your mattress type and taste for colors. Finally, they should be affordable. How good is the Supreme Quality Bed Sheet Set from Bamboo Tranquility? Read on to find out:


The Supreme Quality Bamboo sheets are made from 100% Viscose Bamboo. Viscose is obtained when Bamboo fibers are treated with some chemicals. The whole process makes the bamboo fibers stronger and more durable. Bamboo Tranquility makes their sheets with a reasonably high thread count (300 TC). These sheets will remain strong and soft after multiple washes (though they will shrink). Pilling can be a problem if you don’t follow care instructions. These sheets come with a chemical smell that will go away when you wash and air them a little.


The Supreme Quality Bamboo sheets are soft and smooth. They feel great against your skin. They will keep you cool all night long, which is great in summer. If you live in a cold clime, you will need a duvet or a blanket on top. Bamboo is naturally breathable, so they will help you catch a good night’s sleep. Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking, antibacterial and antifungal. If you’re usually bothered by allergies caused by the dust gathered by ordinary sheets, you won’t face the same problem with the Bamboo Tranquility sheets.


These sheets are very soft and silky. They offer little to no friction, so your comforter could slide right off if you don’t watch out. According to some customer reviews, these sheets are smaller than expected – and they will shrink further after you wash them. They also become softer after every wash (which is a good thing). You will have to be careful and wash them separately, on a gentle cycle, if you want to preserve their texture. These sheets don’t have problems with pilling. They do, however, wrinkle a lot. If you can dry them on a clothesline, the wrinkles will vanish. Otherwise, you’ll have to iron them. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a lot of color and size options, so these aren’t for everyone.


· Good quality bamboo viscose

· Excellent breathability

· Lack of pilling

· Lifetime satisfaction guarantee


· Wrinkly

· Moderately expensive

· Smell may bother some people initially

· Very limited colors and size options

Supreme Quality Bamboo Sheets vs. Competitors

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If you compare the Bamboo Tranquility Sheets with competitors, how well do they hold up? They are moderately expensive but still cheaper than some (like Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha). They don’t pill easily, which is a big plus. They are of excellent quality – easily amongst the best out there – and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, the manufacturer doesn’t offer a lot of sizes and colors. You can only get these in King and Queen Sizes and three somewhat bland colors. If you can overlook that, though, these are amongst the best sheets you can buy.

The Verdict: A Decent Purchase

We believe the Bamboo Tranquility sheets make a decent purchase, all things considered. While the color choices are somewhat limited, these sheets are still of great quality and will last you a long time. The customer service is great, and the owner sometimes writes personal letters of thanks to customers. If you own a King or Queen sized mattress, these sheets are for you.