A Quick Look at the Silky and Soft Bamboo Blend Sheets from Royal Tradition

Royal Tradition Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets are very popular with picky sleepers. Why? They are a significant step up over ordinary cotton sheets; they are softer, cooler and much more comfortable. Because they are hypoallergenic, they don’t bother people who have sensitive skins and allergies. If you’re looking to buy bamboo bed sheets for the first time, it can be pretty confusing. There are a lot of options out there to choose from, at various price points. The Silky and Soft Bamboo Blend Sheets from Royal Tradition are very popular and might make for a decent purchase for a first-time buyer.

In this review, we’ll take a quick look at the Royal Tradition Bamboo Sheets. We’ll also compare them with some competitors, to help you make an informed purchase decision:

How The Royal Tradition Bamboo Sheets Compare to the Top 10

Overview of Royal Tradition Bamboo Sheet Set


Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King


White, Ivory, Sage, Blue, Taupe, Charcoal, Grey, Teal, Coral, and Periwinkle

Set contains

1 Flat sheet, 1 Fitted sheet, 1 Pillowcase


Not available

What You Should Look When Buying New Bamboo Sheets

What do you look for when buying new sheets? Soft material that is comfortable and strong! The sheets should be easy to wash and hold up well after repeated washes. It’s always a bonus if the sheets are available in a variety of colors/sizes and are light on your wallet. Let’s see if the Royal Tradition sheets are a worthwhile purchase:


These sheets are a 60% Viscose from bamboo and 40% cotton blend. The weave is sturdy and breathable, with a decent thread count. Being bamboo (Viscose is processed bamboo), the sheets remain cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. You’ll have to take care when you wash them. Bamboo sheets are known to shrink and get softer after every wash. If you don’t wash them correctly, they will fade and sometimes develop tears and pills. You will have nothing to worry about, though, if you follow the washing care instructions to the letter.


The cotton and bamboo Viscose blend is luxuriously smooth. It slides against your skin, making you feel like you’re encased in a blanket of liquid. These sheets are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, which will help you stay cool and dry all night long. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so if you have a chemical sensitivity or allergies, you’ll love these sheets. These sheets are slightly more comfortable than sheet with bamboo-microfiber blends and perhaps slightly less comfortable than 100% organic bamboo sheets (will depend on the brand).


You can buy these sheets in all the standard sizes, so they should fit your mattress well. There are plenty of color options too. You need to wash them on a gentle cycle and get them out of the dryer quickly. They won’t wrinkle much, so you won’t have to iron them (the cotton blend helps). These sheets may develop pills and tear if you don’t follow care instructions, though they are stronger than 100% bamboo sheets. If you sweat a lot at night – because you’re on medications or are naturally sweaty – these sheets will remain dry throughout.


· Excellent quality, deep pockets

· Moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic

· Natural temperature control

· Affordable for bamboo sheets

· They don’t shrink much (thanks to the cotton blend)


· No warranty/returns policy

Silky and Soft Bed Sheets by Royal Tradition vs. Competitors

How good are the Silky and Soft Bed Sheets when we compare them to some competitors? They are somewhat more expensive than sheets sold by Zen Bamboo and Royal Hotel. However, they use a Viscose-cotton blend, which is of better quality. They don’t pill easily and they wash well. They aren’t, perhaps, as comfortable as some 100% Rayon sheets sold by other manufacturers (like the ones sold by Oasis Fine Linens).There’s also no clear returns or replacement policy in place, which is disappointing. Overall, though, these sheets are some of the best ones on the market. The price is also just right (for bamboo sheets, they’re still not cheap).

The Verdict: Buy or Not to Buy?

Should you buy them? Royal Tradition sheet reviews from previous customers are very positive, with many saying that the sheets are holding up well even after extended views. They have exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities and the cotton-bamboo blend is good for your skin. If you can overlook the lack of a returns policy, these are amongst the best bamboo sheets that money can buy.