Make Your Home Verdant and Lively with these Bamboo Plants

Is life better with bamboo plants in it?

We think sothat's why we wrote this super awesome guide on finding the best bamboo plants out there. 

Bamboo plants have been culturally significant in the east for hundreds of years. As a part of a ‘Feng Shui’ arrangement, they’re believed to create a positive atmosphere in homes and bestow good luck on everyone who lives there. They also add to the décor, freshen up the air, and sometimes make for living privacy screens.

Finding good bamboo plants can take some doing, especially if you have never owned them before. In this guide, we’ve included what we believe are the best, luckiest, and prettiest bamboo plants you can find on the market. We’ve also created a helpful mini buying guide that tells you what to look for when purchasing, and simple tips on how to care for your new plants:

Comparison Of The 10 Best Bamboo Plants of 2018

5 Beautiful Bamboo Plants That Will Liven Up Your Interiors

Bamboo plants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re into Feng Shui, you want the ones arranged and sold as a group. The group will have specific meaning depending on the number of stalks it includes. A group with 2 bamboo stalks, for example, is supposed to denote love or a couple. A group with 10 bamboo stalks, on the other hand, stands for perfection or completion – 10 being a complete number.

Even when you’re not into Feng Shui, bamboo makes for an excellent showpiece. Here are some best-selling bamboo plants that would look good in your home or office:

Lucky Bamboo Plant – 10 Stalks 

Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo Plant is imported all the way from Taiwan. It contains 10 stalks, which stands for completion and is believed to provide happiness to anyone who keeps it in their living or working space. Bamboo is usually pretty expensive, but the Lucky Bamboo Plant is available at a pocket-friendly price.

The plant comes pre-sown in a small elephant ceramic pot. It has 10 stalks that are bound together to make a unified stem. Bamboo leaves sprout from the middle, inside the circle made by the stalks. The pot itself is very cute-looking. The bamboo is native to Cameron, West Africa, and is very distinctive.

Care instructions are included with the plant. It’s easy to take care of, as it’s small and won’t require a great deal of attention. You can pick it up and move around with minimum fuss. Please note that the plant looks big in the picture but, in reality, it’s tiny. It will grow in time, of course. You might have to move it to a different pot when that happens.

Black Bamboo – 2 Gallon (2’-3’ Tall) – Phyllostachys nigra ‘Black’

black bamboo plant

Want to create a living privacy screen in your backyard? The Black Bamboo 2 Gallon Plant might be for you. As the name suggests, this is a ‘black’ type of bamboo that’s very rare, grows tall, and looks great when it matures. It’s a single 2 gallon plant, which is larger than average – you will need to transplant it to a big pot when it arrives. It’s expensive, but customers opine it’s worth it and are happy to pay the price.

Even if it’s called black bamboo, you’ll notice that the bamboo is green – at least initially. According to experts, it takes two years for newly sprouted stalks to turn black. It can grow up to 30 feet tall and have a 2-inch thick stem. We recommend you place this plant in your backyard. If you want to keep it indoors, it will need a lot of room to grow.

This type of bamboo will thrive in most conditions and can withstand temperatures of up to 5 F. Canes have a lifespan of about 90 days, after which they are replaced by new ones. Each successive generation of cane will be bigger and taller. Please note that even if you follow care instructions to the T, there’s a chance the bamboo will grow in unusual ways – they are hard to grow at the best of times.

10 Stalks of 8 Inches Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Spiral Bamboo

The Spiral Lucky Bamboo plant is unusual looking at first glance, if you’re unfamiliar with spiral bamboos. It contains bamboo stems with tops that have grown spirally to make a beautiful, circular pattern. You get 10 stalks bound to each other, each measuring 8 inches tall. For such a pretty plant, it’s priced pretty reasonably.

The full height of the plant is about 13 inches – including 8 inch stalks and about 5 inches of spiral stem and leaves. They will arrive packaged and healthy – it’s up to you to transplant them afterward. Some people choose to place theirs in a pot near window seating, while others take it to work. Being bamboo, it can survive without soil and could be placed in water or even an aquarium, if you know what you’re doing.

The Spiral Lucky Bamboo requires a significant amount of attention and care. If you expose it to too much sunlight, for example, it will die. It needs just the right amount of water and humidity. Still, if you take good care of it, you’ll be rewarded with a healthy plant that’s a joy to look at. It’s also supposed to bring you fortune and happiness.

9GreenBox – Lucky Bamboo – Frog and Lotus 

9greenbox bamboo

The Frog and Lotus Lucky Bamboo is a set of over two dozen bamboo stalks packaged in an attractive bowl. 9GreenBox, which is a well-known brand, has imported the bamboo from Taiwan and repackaged it into a ‘Frog and Lotus’ design. This is one of the more unique, colorful combinations you’ll find on the market. It’s also affordable, making it a favorite with many buyers.  

This bamboo plant is made up of three concentric bamboo stalk circles. They make a peaking tower pattern, which looks very good. Every stalk has new leafs sprouting from it. The stalks themselves are of varying heights. The ‘Frog and Lots’ bowl that comes with it is made up of ceramic and could make a good standalone piece.

You can grow this bamboo in the bowl it comes in, but we don’t recommend that. Instead, transplant it to a different bowl, container, or pot – and make sure it’s bigger. This plant needs a great deal of care if it’s to thrive. Follow care instructions supplied by the packager for best results.

10 Stalks of 12 Inches Straight Lucky Bamboo

Straight Bamboo Plant

Rounding off our list is the Straight Lucky Bamboo plant from another well-known brand – Betterdecor. While it’s a “lucky” plant, it doesn’t have patterns or other fancy designs. If you’re looking for a no-frills, natural-looking bamboo plant, this might well be it. Another point in its favor is that, compared to the other plants on the market, it’s inexpensive.

You get 10 stalks when you order, measuring 12 inches each. They are bound together by a simple rope. The entire group is compact and will fit small containers or pots. It’s easy to transplant, thanks to the small size (and good packaging).

The plant will grow to twice its original size in no time. You can expect 5 inches of growth in about 6 months. Like the other plants on this list, this one is also said to provide you with happiness.

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bamboo plant

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bamboo house plant

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Pineapple Bamboo Plant

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Bamboo Plant with flowers

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Bamboo Buying Guide 

eco friendly bamboo

Bamboo plants aren’t usually found indoors. That’s for a reason. They require a lot of maintenance indoors, for one. It’s also hard for them to grow in the slightly-dry air that’s common in interior spaces like homes and offices. Still, with enough care, bamboo plants can and do flourish.


Make sure the bamboo you get has a big enough container to grow in. Packagers tend to be stingy with their containers, so you probably will have to transplant the bamboo to a different pot. The size of the container will depend on the species of the bamboo you buy as well as its ultimate, full-maturity size.


You can grow small-size bamboo in water, with pebbles. You can also grow it in a thin, inch-deep layer of soil with good drainage. If you have a gallon bamboo sapling, you can plant it in your garden along with your other plants. Apart from water, fertilizer may also be needed.


Bamboo needs humidity to thrive. Indoors, there isn’t usually much humidity to be found. To compensate, some people use a combination of sprinklers and fans to make sure moisture reaches all parts of the bamboo. If you’re growing a small bamboo in water, it won’t need a lot of moisture.

Follow this full guide on how to take care of your bamboo saplings for best results.


Bamboo Plant with flowers

People who own bamboo plants report increased feelings of happiness and contentment when they see or take care of their plants. Regardless of whether they are “good luck”, growing a bamboo plant is bound to be good for you!