Keep Your Baby Healthy and Happy with These Bamboo Baby Products

Have a baby who already only shops at Whole Foods? Keep them happy with bamboo products!

Babies and toddlers have exceptionally delicate constitutions. It’s essential that you use baby-friendly products to protect your kid’s health and allow them to flourish. The market is flooded with baby products, but finding the really safe, useful ones can take some doing.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of baby products made entirely from bamboo. Bamboo, if you didn’t know, is an organic material with many health benefits. It’s known to kill bacteria, it has temperature regulating properties, and it’s extremely soft. Clothes made from bamboo, for example, are much better for your toddler’s skin than regular cotton ones.

The 10 Best Bamboo Baby Products of 2018 Are...

Quick Reviews on the 5 Most Useful, Practical Baby, Top-Rated Bamboo Products

We’ve attempted to gather a list of baby-friendly products that should prove to be handy in your day-to-day life for a variety of tasks and situations. The products have been tried-and-tested extensively and are all safe to use. They’re made by manufacturers with excellent reputations.

Here are 5 amazing baby products your baby is bound to love:

Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy 

bamboo baby diapers

Babies and rashes, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand. It’s very common for babies to develop rashes and irritated skin, especially in a sensitive area like the bottom. Rashes can cause small babies a great deal of discomfort – it’s often the reason why some babies bawl loudly. Regular cotton or plastic diapers are often too harsh for baby bottoms. Bamboo, on the other hand, isn’t.

The Premium Bamboo Diapers by Andy Pandy can solve your baby’s rash problem. They are a set of 80 throw-away diapers that are extremely comfortable and simple to slip on.

The deluxe version has an Aloe lining which keeps your baby’s skin hydrated and super smooth. These diapers have an elastic waistband, 3D panels, and are designed to be form fitting (without being tight). The manufacturer guarantees them to be leak proof, so you’ll be protected from accidents. If you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, you can take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

Bamboo Baby Soft Organic Washcloth Towels for Babies 

Soft bamboo washcloth

Babies – especially newborns – have very delicate skin. The Bamboo Baby Soft Organic Washcloth Towels are made from 100% organic, super-soft bamboo. They won’t rub or chafe against your baby’s skin even one bit. They’re available as a pack of six washcloths: 3 of them being off-white and three pure white. Sized about 10x10, they are perfect for most of your baby's needs. In fact, they are big enough to be used as adult washcloths!

Small babies often develop rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions. These bamboo washcloths are designed to be extremely soft and won’t exacerbate existing ailments. Being organic, no chemicals were used to make them. They are antibacterial and very hygienic to use. Bamboo is known to get softer after every wash. These washcloths will get softer and suppler the more you wash them.

Pajammie Zipsuit Unisex Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama Footie Sleeper

bamboo zip up

Babies are known to wake up at the most inopportune moments, including the middle of the night. If you want your baby to sleep better (so you can sleep better too!) you might want to get him or her bamboo sleepwear.

Bamboo is very soft against the skin, much more so than cotton. It’s also breathable and temperature regulating, so heat won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Unlike some synthetics, these pajamas will not cause rashes.  Overall, it will allow your baby to sleep better and longer.

The Pajammie Zipsuit Unisex Baby Bamboo and Organic Cotton Pajama Footie Sleeper is a cute pajama sleeper made from 67% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex, and 28% Organic Cotton. It’s extremely comfortable – almost like wearing nothing.

You can get it in a variety of unique patterns – for both boys and girls – like Hugs and Kisses, Watermelon Delight, Unicorns, and Honey Bears. These pajamas have a double zipper at the back, with a protective liner, that can be opened if your baby needs a quick diaper change. The entire fabric is stretchable to accommodate your growing baby.

Brooklyn Bamboo Burp Cloths 3 Pack Organic Bamboo

bamboo baby burp cloth

Your baby will need to be fed regularly – and you’ll often have to burp him or her while you’re at it. If you want to avoid soiling your clothes when you burp your baby (while you carry him/her), it’s a good idea to use a burp cloth.

Burp cloths can soak up your baby’s spittle and even small bits of food. Bamboo burp cloths are softer, lighter, and more absorbent than ordinary cloths. They can be reused and only get softer with every wash.

The Brooklyn Bamboo Burp Cloths are available as a pack of 3 colorful burping cloths. They are big, with measurements of 11.2 inches by 23.6 inches, and can be comfortably spread on your shoulder.

Being made of bamboo, you can safely use them to wipe your baby’s mouth. They are also antibacterial and will help protect your baby’s health. You can wash them after every use. The cloths – in colors yellow, blue, and gray- can also make for an excellent gift if you’re attending a baby shower soon.

Bamboo Easy Feed Baby Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

bamboo easy feed

Do you feed your baby in an ordinary plastic bowl? If you do, stop! Plastic and other material can contain toxins and harmful chemicals that can impact your baby’s health. It’s important that you switch to a baby-friendly material instead – like Bamboo.

Bamboo with food-grade silicone coating doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s also naturally bacteria resistant, which provides an additional layer of protection for your child.

The Bamboo Easy Feed Baby Suction Bowl and Spoon Set, like the name suggests, is a bowl made entirely from organic bamboo. There is a suction cup at bottom of the bowl, which prevents your baby or toddler from moving it around or upturning it accidentally. The spoon has a bamboo handle with a food-grade, soft silicone base.

Because bamboo resists heat,  your baby’s delicate hands won’t get scolded by hot food if he or she accidentally touches the bowl or spoon. You can get the bowl in one of 6 bright, unisex colors: Blue, Yellow, Cherry, Pink, Orange, and Green.

5 Other Bamboo Baby Products You Will Love

Baby Swaddle Blanker XL 2 Pack Silky Soft 100% Bamboo Babies Blankets

Bamboo Baby Blanket

Kyte BABY Footies- Baby Footed Pajamas Made of Soft Organic Bamboo Material

Bamboo baby footies

ModaBaby GripStart Leggings Bamboo Baby Leggings

Baby Bamboo Leggings

Baby Boo Bamboo Silky Smooth Baby Lotion

Bamboo Baby Lotion

Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag for Toddlers 0-6 Months

Baby Bamboo Sleeping Bag

Why Should You Pick Bamboo Baby Products?

Why are bamboo baby products superior to ordinary ones? Bamboo has some amazing properties. Here is what makes bamboo better than almost every other material on the market:

Softness and comfort

Bamboo, as you probably know by now, is very, very soft. It is, in fact, softer than Egyptian luxury cotton. Bamboo fabrics with high thread count are comparable to cashmere and luxury velvet in softness. There is practically no other fabric out there that’s this comfortable and doesn’t cost a bomb. It wicks moisture – like sweat – away fast and is quick to dry.


Bamboo can often be mistaken for Pima or luxury cotton. It looks good and stays vibrant for a long time. It doesn’t pill as easily as other material, especially when blended with some other fabric. Even after multiple washes, it will stay fresh and won’t lose color easily. Please note that bamboo requires care during washing.

Health benefits

Bamboo has several health benefits. It’s naturally antibacterial and will kill bacteria over time. This sustainable plant is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it is safe for people (and babies) with allergies to use. It doesn’t allow mold and mildew to grow easily.   

Natural UV Protection

Bamboo also happens to be naturally UV resistant and can protect your baby’s skin from the harsh effects of sunlight! According to a study, bamboo has a rating of 18.3 on the UPF scale, with 15 the lowest a fabric can score to qualify for the tag. An 18.3 UPF rating means the fabric is capable of blocking 94% UVA rays.

Organic, eco-friendly

Bamboo is grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t need as much water to grow. It’s naturally environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This is a good fit for people looking to minimize their carbon footprint and save the environment.  


Bamboo products tend to be slightly more expensive than average, but you get your money’s worth. Just ensure you follow washing care instructions to the letter – your new bamboo product will last for a very long time if you do. Remember to read customer reviews and testimonials before you buy something. That way, you’ll be more likely to purchase something safe and usable.