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Have you ever asked yourself what small changes you can make to greatly help the environment? Are you trying to improve your overall health by things you use on a daily basis? Here at Usable Bamboo, we are here to provide you with the latest and greatest reviews of the top bamboo products out there. By breaking down the facts, we aim to educate you on the benefits of using commodities made from one of nature’s most sustainable resources.

Due to lack of fertilizers and pesticides, bamboo is both healthy to the environment and the consumer. Items made from this ecofriendly resource are good for your overall health. Consumers with allergies and sensitive skin should make the switch to bamboo because it is not manufactured with harmful toxins. Able to naturally replenish itself, bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

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Bamboo’s versatility is endless, having many renewable materials with over 1,000 uses.  It is nature’s most abundant and fastest growing plant. Items made from this nontoxic source are anti- microbial. Fabrics made from bamboo have natural UV protection.

Bamboo material has an effortlessly glossy appearance, feeling more soft and comfortable than the most luxurious cotton. This silky fabric is extra absorbent and breathable, keeping your body temperature regulated to comfort. Bamboo apparel generally shrinks less, does not pill, and helps regulate odors.

The benefits of using bamboo products are countless!  Although it is not a perfect resource it is a much better option than traditional materials like cotton. While we do review products, we just ask that you the consumer buy responsibly and buy only what you need. We hope Usable Bamboo helps you pick the right product.